At Wellspring Center for Prevention, we provide a variety of training courses
for professionals whose missions align with ours.

Our Trainings

We offer online and on-site professional development programs designed for addition counselors, prevention specialists, and school faculty members. All of our courses count toward requirements for state and national credentials, including Certified or Licensed Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC and LCADC), Certified Prevention Specialist (CPS), and Department of Education professional development hours. All on-site courses are offered in our East Brunswick, New Jersey training facility.

Addiction Counselors

Addiction Counselors

For Certified or Licensed Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC/LCADC), we offer all 270 hours of addiction coursework required for your initial CADC or LCADC credentialing in New Jersey and many other states. Our interactive online courses can also be used to meet renewal hours, continuing education credits, and professional development hours. Our advanced on-site coursework provides 60 hours toward the renewal of these credentials.

Prevention Professionals

Prevention Professionals

Certified Prevention Specialists (CPS) work to promote public health and safety through the prevention of behaviors like drug and alcohol abuse. We provide 120 hours of on-site courses to help you advance your knowledge of prevention and the most effective modern practices. You may take these courses as part of your initial CPS credentialing, or towards renewal hours for other allied behavior health professions.

Professional Development

Professional Development

Our courses are aimed and educators and health care professionals and anyone concerned about current adolescent issues. Designed to help faculty members meet the New Jersey Department of Education requirement that all teachers to complete at least 20 hours of professional development training each school year, Wellspring’s offers nine DOE-approved professional development courses for teachers and other school staff

Current Training Courses

Online training for alcohol and drug counselors

It is estimated that at least 5,000 new addiction counselors are needed every year to meet the growing demand for professional addiction treatment.

Responding to those needs, Wellspring’s on-line courses are delivered entirely online in an engaging and interactive format—nothing to download and nothing to print.

CADC/LCADC Renewal Courses

While all of Wellspring's online CADC courses can be taken toward both your initial certification or license, as well as the renewal of those credentials (and many others), By sharing a classroom with other seasoned professionals, you have the opportunity to learn from each other take your skills to the next level. Each year, all new courses are developed to keep your training current and expand your knowledge base.

CPS Courses

Prevention Specialists work in settings as diverse as schools, hospitals, faith-based organizations, government, and non-profit agencies. To be effective, a Prevention Specialist must be skilled in impacting Public Policy, Community Organization, and Program Coordination, as well as Education and Training. Professional Responsibility coursework ensures Prevention Specialists meet the highest standards of the profession.

Awareness Training Courses

Throughout Wellspring's thirty-five year history, schools have relied upon us to not only provide quality prevention programming for their students but also to keep their faculty up-to-date on the latest trends and how to best support their students. School districts interested in group discounts for their entire faculty should call or email for more information.