Using Telehealth to Combat Substance Abuse


Written by: Caroline Capriccio, Wellspring Intern It is no secret that the United States is facing a major drug epidemic. Substance abuse has become a public health crisis that demands urgent priority and innovative solutions. But with the advent of the Internet and smartphones, researchers have found new ways to connect with patients. Telehealth is a promising tool for treating and supporting individuals with substance use disorders. Telehealth uses technology to provide access to services and makes it possible for patients to receive screenings and counseling without traveling to a provider's office. Telehealth is not limited to a single form of technology. Platforms include computerized screening and assessment tools, telephone-based services, smartphone applications, video-conferencing, and secure recovery support chats. There are many reasons to pursue treatment through telehealth, and often they’re related to overcoming barriers to care. These might include the stigma associated with seeking help, lack of access to providers...

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2017 Legislative Event/Policy Forum Coming December 5th


December 5, 20178AM - 10:30AMAt the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning & Public Policy Forum AgendaTopic: A Focus on Substance Use as a Public Health IssueWelcome - Dona Schneider, Ph.D., MPH - The Bloustein School - Rutgers UniversityMaster of Ceremonies – Ezra Helfand, BA, APS, Executive Director & CEO, Wellspring Center for Prevention Presentations:Governor McGreevy to discuss re-entry coaching for those released from prisonHow Substance Use Affects All of Us – Frank Greenagle, MPAP, MSW, LCSW, LCADC, ACSW, ICADC, CJC, CCSCurrent Drug Trends – Nicki Francis, BA, CPSImportance of Prevention and Recovery – Mara Carlin, BS, CPS, Melisa Damcevska, BA & Jenna Bonstein, BA   Registration is required. Click here to register now!

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