PALS Students Volunteer at Children’s Specialized Hospital


By Jelysa Hernandez, MSW Clinician and PALS Advisor On Friday March 9th, 2018, 10 selected PALS students took a trip to visit the Children’s Specialized Hospital for the third time. This time was just as meaningful as the rest. Children’s Specialized Hospital offers a monthly recreational program called Friday night fever for teens with disabilities. The program provides opportunities for teens to make friends, socialize, participate in activities and have an opportunity to hang out. All volunteers arrived on time at Pathways after school and were eager to spend time together. Pathways provided transportation to and from the event. Our volunteers played video and board games, all while allowing each individual to discuss whatever he or she felt comfortable sharing. Everyone had a great time and bonded at the end after playing a game which resulted in all participants laughing on the floor. According to Courier Post online, nearly 15 percent...

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PALS Students Volunteer at NJ Veteran’s Memorial Home


by Christopher Flores, MSW Intern On Friday October 27th, 20 Carteret high school students took a trip to volunteer at the NJ Veteran’s Memorial Home. Although students were going with the intention of serving others, each student stated that they received more than they gave. Each veteran was escorted by a student to the main hall to participate in various activities. Students brought board games, played trivia, “exercised” with the veterans using balloons and paddles, and Pathways intern, Dylan, played his guitar for the crowd. Students were encouraged to have individual conversations with anyone who wanted to talk. The reality is that among the many disorders veterans face such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and major depression, the one unfortunate issue that can be forgotten is loneliness. According to Robert H. Pietrzak, Director at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs National Center for PTSD, loneliness was the most prominent risk factor...

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