Addiction News & Policy Update for Week Ending April 13, 2018


Addiction recovery advocates pressure state to change sober living laws In big bold letters on a New Jersey Superior Court decision document, the words “penalties” and “violation” stand out next to an amount for more than half a million dollars.Learn More   Opioid addiction treatment with medicine works best. Why don't more young people get it? First there was the bottle of opioid cough medicine he chugged when he was 13 or 14. Then the pills prescribed to his father for chronic pain.Learn More   Poll: Most Americans View Addiction As Disease, But Stigmatizing Views Persist A new survey revealed that about 32% of participants view opioid addiction as a character flaw. Learn More   Scared Straight: ‘Addiction Angel’ nurse uses 1970s concept to steer kids off opioids Alicia Palermo-Reddy preps patients for ambulatory surgery and she recently noticed two, middle-aged women who seemed sad and withdrawn. The husband of one...

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Addiction News & Policy Update for Week Ending August 25


Please note: The Weekly Addiction News & Policy Updated will not publish on Friday, September 1, 2017. Enjoy the Labor Day week!   Gender equality? Not when it comes to alcohol and the brain Gender differences in the brain's reward system could mean that women who need help kicking alcohol may need different types of treatment.Learn More   America's Top 10 Alcohol-Drinking Cities—and 10 Most Sober Cities, Too In parts of the country, nearly 1 in 10 adults drinks heavily. Elsewhere, fewer than 1 percent do.Learn More Report From the Field: Working with Youth During the Opioid Epidemic Heroin needles were strewn about the apartment when Pam Jeffers visited a client, Amy*. Learn More   Substance misuse in older people Developed countries have seen substantial increases in longevity over the past 20 years, contributing to a global demographic shift. The number of older people (aged over 50) experiencing problems from substance...

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