Not All Arguments to Legalize Marijuana Should Be Believed


By: Mallory Stufsky, Substance Abuse Navigator With the topic of legalizing marijuana increasing in popularity, controversy regarding safety and other public health concerns come into question. Research from an October 2018 poll by the Pew Research Center found that 62 percent of Americans support marijuana legalization. Timothy Hsiao, a professor ...

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Marijuana. Should We Consider a Different Tact?


The last time I wrote about marijuana, I was inundated with dozens of emails and posts providing counter-positions to mine, or actually that of my prevention agency, Wellspring Center for Prevention. So allow me to take a slightly different tact. Mostly because the accepted understanding in our state is that legalized marijuana will become the law of the land later this year or early next. It’s not that we’ve given up our efforts to try and stop or stall this march to inevitability. It’s our desire to ensure that that citizens are provided with the opportunity to ban the sale and distribution of legalized marijuana within their municipal borders. That the implementation of medical marijuana in additional locations takes priority over the implementation of shops that sale marijuana in the strip mall across from your kids’ school. And most importantly, that today’s (and tomorrow’s) youth are protected from state action that...

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