Addiction News & Policy Update for Week Ending December 7, 2018


Neuroscientist thinks one way to fight opioid addiction is to tackle loneliness Feeling lonely? Social isolation isn’t just bad for your mood — it can be bad for your health, too. And in a TEDxMidAtlantic talk, Rachel Wurzman says it contributes to opioid addiction — fueling drug use, relapses and overdoses.Learn More   This brain circuit is key to both depression and addiction New research conducted in mice identifies a neural pathway crucial to both depression and addiction. Can we treat these problems by simply manipulating this pathway?.Learn More   Gender Differences in Addiction: Clinical Implications Dependence on or harmful use of alcohol and tobacco or illicit drugs is generally higher in men.Learn More   Former opioid addict turned Harvard doctor blames faith-based rehab centers for skipping scientific research as they push for abstinence Three-quarters of addiction treatment centers in the US follow the 12-step model, inspired by Christian beliefs -...

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Addiction News & Policy Update for Week Ending November 9, 2018


Fentanyl-Laced Crack Cocaine a Deadly New Threat Fentanyl, a powerful and dangerous synthetic opioid, is now showing up in crack cocaine and causing life-threatening overdosesLearn More   A Rural Community Decided To Treat Its Opioid Problem Like A Natural Disaster When he was police chief of Stanwood, Wash., population 7,000, Ty Trenary thought rural communities like his were immune from the opioid crisis.Learn More   Opioid Antidote Can Save Lives, But Deciding When To Use It Can Be Challenging On a 90-degree afternoon in July, under the shade of a tree in Philadelphia's McPherson Square Park, I watched a couple sit down, prepare syringes and inject drugs.Learn More   Social Stigma Is One Reason The Opioid Crisis Is Hard To Confront There are many reasons why the opioid crisis is so hard to confront. One of them is social stigma. It often extends beyond users themselves, to their families.. Learn More...

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