Addiction News & Policy Update for Week Ending May 3, 2019


 What to know about rising Sober Curious movementA so-called Sober Curious movement that's been gaining in popularity focuses on eliminating alcohol for health, sleep and wellness reasons, and its founder encourages people to participate by asking them to imagine "what it's like to live hangover free." Click for more What's Driving the Rise in...

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Addiction News & Policy Update for Week Ending October 19, 2018


Beyond the Stigma: Vermont woman in her 70s fighting opioid addiction Jeannie Leavitt says breaking her addiction to prescription painkillers is the hardest thing she's ever had to do.Learn More   Insurance inequalities must end for mental illness, substance use For the past seven years, Rachel S. has been investing inordinate amounts of energy and money in her efforts to receive treatment for her son Michael, who has a severe mental illness and substance use disorder.Learn More   Three ways to avoid substance abuse and still keep up at work From corporate duties to entertainment, many hard workers have a difficult time keeping up with their lifestyle and the expectations placed on them. Many turn to drug abuse or risky alternatives that often end in addiction, or even death.Learn More   Using Facebook to predict depression New research uses over half a million Facebook status updates to predict depression diagnoses in...

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Carteret Middle School Students Treated to Attitudes in Reverse Presentation


By Lisa Lussier, Clinician I On March 27th, approximately 150 8th grade students at Carteret Middle School were treated to a special presentation on mental health education and awareness, by Tricia Baker from Attitudes in Reverse (AIR.) This presentation was made possible through a grant from the State of New Jersey Juvenile Justice Commission. Attitudes in Reverse’s mission is to create a community of understanding, kindness and empathy through mental health education and awareness. The goal of suicide prevention and education so that no one is misjudged or criticize, because of a biological-based brain illness was the prevailing message of the presentation. The Baker family founded Attitudes in Reverse after the devastating loss of their son Kenny, who bravely battled depression and anxiety and the stigma of this illness. In May 2009, Kenny ended his pain and ended his life. Sadly the discrimination continued after Kenny’s death and from this discrimination...

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