Addiction News & Policy Update for Week Ending November 16, 2018


Please note that our Weekly Addiction News & Policy Update will not publish on Friday, November 23rd. On behalf of everyone at Wellspring Center for Prevention, here's wishing each of you a great Thanksgiving. May you and your family and your friends enjoy a wonderful day.   Parents Are Cutting Off Their Opioid-Addicted Kids — and It's the Toughest Decision of Their Lives Kim Humphrey was sitting in a sea of chairs, surrounded by about 40 people he had never met, when the Phoenix police officer finally realized what a train wreck his life was.Learn More   Trump's Policies Are Increasing Teen Stress and Eroding Mental Health For young people across the country, fear of gun violence and stress over racist policies are increasing stress and eroding mental health.Learn More   Chronic pot use may have serious effects on the brain, experts say More research needs to be done to highlight...

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Addiction News & Policy Update for Week Ending March 9, 2018


How does resolving cannabis problems differ from problems with alcohol or other drugs? Those resolving cannabis problems do so at younger ages, with less assistance than those resolving other substance-use problems.Learn More   Is alcohol at work a perk? Not for some young job seekers Drinks during recruiting dinners, team bonding over happy hour, beer kegs at trendy startups.Learn More   People are dying because we misunderstand how those with addiction think The American opioid epidemic claimed 63,600 lives in 2016 alone. While the public policy challenge is daunting, the problem isn’t that we lack any effective treatment options. Learn More   While Talk About Opioids Continues In D.C., Addiction Treatment Is In Peril In States Opioids were on the White House agenda Thursday — President Trump convened a summit with members of his administration about the crisis. And Congress authorized funds for the opioid crisis in its recent budget deal...

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